Your values are the things that are really important to you in your life and work.

Core Values can change over time as different things become priority areas of our lives. When your life and values are out of alignment this can create internal conflict and lead to dis-stress.

At My Way Therapy we think it’s important to identify our Values to have:

  • Direction
  • Clarity
  • Life satisfaction
  • Integrity and Confidence
  • Help making decisions ie: in choosing partners/jobs/how we spend our time/life decisions etc
  • Help prioritising what we do with ourselves and who we do it with.
  • Alignment with what we are doing
  • A happier, more fulfilled life that we are proud of.
  • Reduced illness, dis-ease and stress.
  • Help finding actions and coping strategies that we can utilise to our benefit.

We all can identify many values. It can be difficult but helpful to identify your top three to focus on and prioritise. Identifying your most meaningful values can help you achieve a life with more integrity and life satisfaction.

GROWTH: Our life mission is to grow, learn and evolve. To make changes in our lives to live how we choose for a healthy and meaningful existence.
CREATIVITY: To access our innate creativity to create the life we want to lead through unique and creative means.
PERSONAL: We are all individuals and it’s important to be treated as such. All offerings are tailored specifically for each person’s specific needs.

Before you sign up for a session you might want to discuss these values further and see if they align with what’s important to you.

If you are finding it tricky to work out your personal values you might want to try using these cards.