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Dream Technologies with My Way Therapy works in the imaginal realms of both nightly dreams and Journey Work to access unconscious wisdom to initiate change and healing. Visit our resources section for some Free Guided Journeys

Dream Work is a powerful process to examine deep unconscious material that is revealed to us nightly through our dreams.
The work is non-interpretive (You are the expert of your own dreams) but a process of exploration supported by a trained therapist to examine the archetypal and symbolic content of dreams to discover how they may inform our waking lives. We honour the dreams by creating actions and rituals to bring into daily life.
The work may involve dream re-entry, a process of consciously going back into a dream to extract more information or to face fears and for potential soul retrieval-a process of re-integrating fragmented parts of ourselves for healing, letting go of what may no longer serve us and to improve vitality and life force.


NOTE: Before a Dream Work session please write down or record your dream in as much detail as possible. Even if you only retain snippets we can work with that.

My Way Therapy can also offer you a Dream. This is a technique where you share a situation you would like clarity on and a symbol as an entry point for the practitioner. We will then journey into the dream and bring back information that will be processed together during the session

Absolutely inspirational to work with Gaby. Her intuitive insight & practical guidance shifted more than i would have expected, supporting me in my personal journey to identifying and transforming issues which would have otherwise remained in the subconscious and abstract mind. There is much powerful work we can do on this very subtle plane aiding shifts on a very real level. I Highly recommend taking a real look at what may seem like irrelevant ramblings of the Dreaming mind, especially if you wake up saying “What was all that about?”

Image by:  Nikita Tikhomirov

Image by:  Sharon McCutcheon