Getting lost, being in the uncertainty, the unknown seems to be vital for our growth. We learn to sit with discomfort and the unavoidable pain associated with this. It teaches us to listen, to look for signs, to communicate with others, to take risks, to ask for help and guidance. When we are ‘lost’ we are vulnerable and when we are vulnerable we are more awake and tuned in because we are outside of our comfort zones.

What does it mean to be lost? Wandering the desert for 40 days and 40 nights as Moses does in the bible as he leads his people to ‘the land of milk and honey’ and on the way receives the 10 commandments from God is a great analogy. It’s the meandering, the procrastination, it’s movement without clear destination which allows the psyche to open to new possibilities. It is stepping off the known path which may no longer be serving you and finding yourself in unknown territory- at your growths edge.

Whilst lost we are learning, we gather tools and resources that we need for the next leg of our journey. Moses receives the 10 commandments, his gift to lead his people spiritually and practically.  He finds the promised land for his people but his story ends before they get there. The land of milk and honey is a new paradigm where the difficulties endured during the journey are worth the finding of a new’ home’ in the end. A new and fertile place where the seeds collected during the journey are planted.

Our psychological and spiritual growth at times asks us to become ‘lost’ to sit uncomfortably with not knowing what the ‘right’ next move in our life is. For me, this is a very foggy place where the path ahead is unclear or sometimes it’s seen as a crossroad without signposts. Often when we are in this situation we seek answers from outside of ourselves when often what we really need to do is to go inside. Sometimes we just need to trust and take action in any direction and everything will unfold. We need to tune into and follow our intuition and gut instincts even when this may seemingly go against all logic. Our soul is not on a logical path but it knows where it needs to go.

Everyone goes through this lostness at certain points in their life and it is most often a pivotal point in retrospect where big changes for the better have occurred. The lost feeling may last for weeks or years, time is not the issue, it’s about how capable you are at letting go, what new tools and resources you need to gather to progress and your readiness for the new paradigm in your life.

So, if you are feeling lost in your current life journey My Way Therapy might just be the signpost or the filling station for new resources you need. Contact us today to see if we can support your journey