Join Gaby as she takes you on a guided journey for Strength and Resilience.

You will need a quiet, undisturbed, dark space for about 20 minutes. If you need it to be darker cover your eyes with something. Have a journal, and/or drawing materials on hand to reflect on the journey at the end.

I hope you enjoy the process.

When you finish try and think of an action you can take to honour the journey. For example; a friend was given a green stone in his journey, he went crystal shopping and found one from the home of his ancestors. Another person had a penguin as their guide, the had a fish dinner that evening. Someone else was wrapped in a blanket by their ancestor so chose to spend some time embodying this feeling by wrapping themselves in a cost supportive blanket.

Please contact us if you would like a follow up session or you would to talk about the symbols in your journey.

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